to our new members just before the contest:

LZ2RS - Rumen, PU1MCE - Carlos, OK1DRY - Josef, G4UHM - Steve, G0AOL - Gill, RA6X - Center For Children's Creativity "Scrabble", UA6XT - Anatoly, G4PFK - Graham, DU1ZGH - Aves, JA8RRF - Kenichi, UA3182SWL - Gennadiy, SP2QVS - Piotr, DS2AGH - Aves, VU2CVS - Valluri, OE6GND - Gerhard, DM5EM - Sven, PD0FW - Fred, MI6LFU - Clive, SV1SFQ - George, IT9RRU - Maurizio, PD1SA - Bert, YO3IWZ - Lucian, 9K2BS - Saud, A41CK - Khalid, A41RN - Mudhfer

25th Anniversary of the Thracian Rose Club !

" W - TRC - 25 " Awards


Our TRC member ( Stan - LZ1GC ) will try if possible to be bit active in our TRC DX Contest - October 6/7 !

Let see....

5W0GC AND YJ0GC callsigns will be valid for: CA / WTRCM / WTRC25 awards !



The membership is open for all people, interested in the radio communications. If you are one of these people Thracian Rose Club invites you to become a member of our club. Now our club has members in over 130 DXCC countries on all continets.
If you wish to become a member and if submitted by E-mail membership is FREE ! Just send us your name and callsign or fill our on-line application form ! In case you want to receive our welcome membership package via post fee is 12 euro which is a contribution towards postal charges including the package: full colour A4 certificate with your callsign and number, 25 full colour TRC stickers with our emblem with two different sizes: D 30 mm and D 74 mm plus some samples of our TRC QSL cards.


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